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CSS Sprite makes your site faster

CSS Sprites reduces number of image requests to server. Less calls to server makes your site load faster, Wordpress, Joomla or your custom code.

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Why use the CSS Sprite?

Makes your pages faster

Sprites reduce the number of requests to small images by creating a single large image which contains all the frequently used images.

Responsive Layouts

The Sprite and CSS we create is responsive. They will work on mobile or desktop

Plays Nice

The generated sprite is compatible with all browsers and works well on mobile.


We generate the most suitable sprite which compatible CSS

Lets get started

To create sprite image and CSS, please add bunch of image files. These will be joined together. We will provide CSS code which will be based on image file names. Using this CSS and sprite, you will be able to use HTML code like <i class="logo"></i> to show the image on your webpage. Optimize PNG generates a smaller sprite. It can save bandwidth. Name Prefix will be used in CSS name of images. Padding produces space between images.


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More Information

Feel free to reach out to me at supreet [at] ralali [dot] com